A Brief Overview Of Hoodies

All kinds of hoodies is a site about a unique type of sweater that's becoming more and more popular all the time. For those that don't know what exactly a hoody is, we'll break that down before going any further. Basically, this type of clothing is a sweater with a few unique features. The most important feature found on a hoody is, naturally, a hood. The hood is usually oversized. It often covers the eyes of the person wearing it, creating an urban or skate type style. Another feature found on a hoody is the pocket. Unlike other sweaters though, the hoody only has one pocket. It's typically oversized to match the large hood. This oversized pocket provides an excellent place to put your hands on a cold winter day. Now that we know the basics, let's get into the differences between some specific styles of hoodies.

One of the earliest versions of this sweater became popular back in the early 90's. It was associated primarily with the skateboarding culture of the time. All the big players on this scene wore hoodies and then the masses followed. The particular type of hoody worn by these people is now known as the skate hoody. It features an oversized, but not gigantic, hood and a nice comfortable front pocket. The colors are typically dark, much like the mood of folks who wear these pieces.

With the success of the skate hoody in the early 90’s, another version of this sweater was born. I'm talking, of course, about urban hoodies. These really became popular around the same time that hip hop was taking off. Think back a ways if you will. Can't you picture the likes of Ice Cube sporting a rough looking hooded sweater while fronting the rap group NWA? The urban version of this sweater is a little bit different than the skate hoody. If the skateboarder's choice of clothing is considered big, the urban variety would be called massive. Urban hoodies fit extremely loose. The hoods are all kinds of big and the pocket matches this size. It's also common for urban hoodies to have long strings attached to the hood, allowing the wearer to pull the hood over his eyes. Colors are varied when looking at this type of sweatshirt.

Another up and coming version of this sweater is what's known as the college hoody. College hoodies come in a variety of styles. They can be of the urban or skate variety. The "college" element really comes into play when looking at colors and logos. The logos can be a number of things. The most common ones are based around specific schools. The University of Las Vegas, for example, might offer a hoody for sale. It would probably feature a few things unique to the college. A logo or school name, for instance, would be printed on the sweater. Colleges will often print school sport team logos on their clothing as well. A college hoody might not necessarily come from a school though. If it's popular with students, it could be considered a college style. Rock and hip hop musicians, for example, will often market hoodies to university students. Some people refer to these as band hoodies.

One more thing to consider when thinking about buying a hoody is whether it's for a man or a woman. The differences are subtle but should be noted. First of all, these are just suggestions. One really cool thing about hoodies is the fact that they're almost a unisex article of clothing. If you're a girl and like loose fitting clothing, chances are your sweater will fit your boyfriend. It will be a little snug but that's ok. That said, here are a few differences between men’s and women’s hooded sweaters. Men's hoodies do generally fit a bit looser. For some reason, baggy clothes tend to look cool on men. Along the same line of thought, it's normal for a woman's hoody to fit a little bit tighter. The other thing to consider when buying a hoody is the color and design. Men tend to like darker colors that blend into urban backgrounds. Guys also appreciate subtle logos that don't stick out too much. Women, on the other hand, like to make a statement with their clothing. Lady's hoodies are understandably direct and to the point. The colors are usually bright and the logos often stick out. Again... These are just guidelines! Please take everything I say with a grain of salt.

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